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Discover the exceptional service of Meeks Heating & Cooling, catering to individuals all across North Carolina. With our customer-first approach, we treat each and every client like family, ensuring you get the best care possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll go above and beyond to resolve your HVAC problems, no matter how intricate or extensive they may seem.

Benefit from our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology, as we expertly handle all your HVAC installation in North Carolina needs. Don’t wait any longer—experience the comfort you deserve today!

Reach out to the Meeks Heating & Cooling HVAC team now at 919.218.3845 or connect with us online to explore our comprehensive services, meet our skilled technicians, and discover how we can transform your HVAC experience. Act now and secure the ultimate climate control solutions for your home or business!

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We can repair or replace existing systems including ” and ” we are fully licensed and insured and are equipped to complete most jobs in one day


We are ready to diagnose and repair or replace any heat pump or furnace systems

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Air Purification

Protect your family and home with a top-quality Air Purification system installed directly into your existing heating and cooling system to kill germs, viruses, and pollutants. Get clean air today.

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